• Mission Statement

    “To provide practical and targeted advice on the planning and production of fresh forage, storage in the clamp and efficient utilization in the cow”.

  • Stephen Caldwell

    My name is Stephen Caldwell and it is a great pleasure for me to offer my services to you as part of Grass-science.

    I firmly believe in the feed potential of forage and recognise that, for too long now, our focus has been on the compound feeds used in UK rations.  Understanding the true benefits of feeding forage has never been more important for farmers than it is today. read more....

  • With over 60 years combined experience in all aspects of the forage industry, the founders of Grass-Science believe there is a thirst for knowledge at farm level specifically targeted at the practical aspects of efficient forage production. However they also recognize that innovations keep happening, bringing new ideas, new products and new opportunities. Grass-Science aims to keep abreast of any new technology to ensure new concepts can be successfully incorporated into practical systems of production.